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End of the Public Health Emergency: What You Need to Know

posted: May 12, 2023

With the May 11, 2023, expiration of the federal COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, state and federal officials outlined steps that must be taken as part of the operational unwinding. The CMS waivers impacted can be found here.

HHS Fact Sheet Reviews Changes as COVID-19 PHE Ends

The Department of Health and Human Services released a May 9 fact sheet reviewing how the May 11 end of the COVID-19 public health emergency will affect the flexibilities the declaration enabled.

End of COVID-19 Emergency: Legal Implications for Healthcare Providers

This article addresses 12 frequently asked questions that concern many healthcare providers and includes guidance for navigating these changes.

CDC Updates Masking Guidelines

The CDC recommends that health care facilities use a risk-based assessment, stakeholder input and local metrics to determine how and when to require universal masking to prevent COVID-19 transmission. The guidelines continue to recommend universal masking under specific circumstances, including in work units or areas of a facility experiencing a COVID-19 outbreak.

HHS to Start Unwinding COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement

HHS is starting the process of ending the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for CMS-certified healthcare facilities as the Biden Administration ends some broader vaccine mandates.

Expiration of Temporary Licenses

All emergency practitioner temporary licenses (identified as License No. CV#######) issued as a result of Indiana’s former PHE declaration and subsequent enactment, are set to expire and will terminate permanently on May 11.