Indiana Federation of Ambulatory Surgical Centers

IFASC History

In 1987, there were eighteen licensed surgical centers in the state of Indiana.A meeting of interested parties took place on April 28, 1987, of twelve individuals representing nine ambulatory surgical centers (ASC’s).

The Indiana Federation of Ambulatory Surgical Centers, Inc. was incorporated on June 23, 1987.

Charter members included:

  • William E. Herber, Muncie Eye Center, President
  • Charlotte Boden, Surgical Care Center, Vice President
  • Rick S. Mohler, American Surgical Care Center, Treasurer
  • Connie Pence, Fort Wayne Ophthalmic Surgical Center, Secretary
  • Doreen Merill, MHC Surgical Center, Director
  • Bill Draffen, Indiana Eye Clinic, Director
  • Brenda Cammerling, University Heights Surgical Center, Director
  • Kate Cancel, American Surgery Center North, Director
  • Daryll E. Franklin, American Surgery Center
  • Linda K. Rugenstein, American Surgery Center
  • Marsha S. Parker, John-Kenyon Eye Center
  • Carol A. Miller, Hand Surgery Associates of Indiana
  • Jack Erick, Fort Wayne Surgical Center
  • Heidi Inskeep
  • Roger Pence
  • Ronald McGuire
  • John Gilliland, II, Attorney
  • Jennifer J. Abrell, Attorney

The Indiana Federation of Ambulatory Surgical Centers was one of the first state associations and continues to function successfully. The Federation’s Board of Directors is made up of strong individuals who volunteer their “free” time to keep the organization a worthwhile investment for its members.