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IFASC Legislative Update

Advocacy for the ambulatory surgery center industry is a top priority of IFASC. With increasing consolidation among inpatient providers and reimbursement cuts making headway, it is more important than ever for the ASC industry to have a political voice. The IFASC Legislative Committee has been tracking and monitoring legislation of interest to the ambulatory surgery community.

PAC Advocacy

When the IFASC monitors legislation and testifies at the State House, we are fighting for all Indiana ASCs. Therefore, we are asking all of our Indiana ASCs to contribute financially to the cause of keeping our ASCs viable now and in the future. We must continue to combat the well-funded and organized influence arrayed against us. And, by so doing, ensure our place at the table when vital issues are being discussed.

From a standpoint of ASC self-interest, the IFASC PAC is looking to its IFASC members as well as non-member ASCs to contribute at levels the individual facilities, or in the case of non-profits their key personnel, can afford. Suggested contributions would be $1,000 for large facilities and $500 for smaller facilities. Consider the fact that you are acting to protect the future of your ASC.

Thank you in advance for your PAC contributions!

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