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Health Sector Emergency Preparedness Course: February 23rd, 2018

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IFASC Members, 

A Health Sector Emergency Preparedness (HSEP) course will be offered February 23, 2018. This course is open to all IFASC members. The details for registration and the location of the course are listed below. As your Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, I highly encourage all members to take advantage of this opportunity to improve our Emergency Plans and network with Health Care Coalition Members throughout the State.

Shelby Brouillette RN BSN

IFASC Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

To apply for this class, follow the instructions below:

1.) Have your FEMA SID number and password. You must have a FEMA SID number before you can apply for the class.

2.) Click this link to apply for the class: Click Here to Apply.

3.) If you encounter any errors, please do not attempt to bypass or skip through them. Please document the error with as many details as possible and/or screen shots (print screen) and submit to so the error can be documented and addressed by the development team. Once the error has been reported, then proceed.

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